A community driven effort to improve health and wellness in the  Heart of Illinois.    

The HOPE Network

The HOPE Network is a community based effort to improve community wellness by Helping Others Provide Encouragement (HOPE) using evidence-based resources.

The HOPE Network was developed as part of the Partnership for a Healthy Community.  This was started in 2013 with funding from a CDC Community Transformation Grant to build our community's capacity for implementing evidence-based approaches to improve child wellness. In 2014 when the CDC grant ended the Central Illinois Wellness Council took over oversight of the website and HOPE Network efforts.  The Council then renamed itself to be the Partnership for a Healthy Community Council.  The minutes from their meetings are available here.

In 2015 the For Your Benefits Roundtable joined the HOPE Network and renamed itself to be the HOPE Network Roundtable.

The HOPE Network collaborates with the local radio station WPNV 106.3 FM (you can listen live over the internet on their website) to produce regular talking segments on health, wellness, and fitness.  WPNV stands for We 're Peoria's Neighborhood Voice.  Their programming focuses on financial literacy, health and wellness, and education.  Additionally, they provide a forum for agencies and individuals dedicated to uplifting our community.  

The HOPE Network includes:

  • A Pledge that we hope will help focus our community on providing quality service to those in need.
  • Information on why having hope improves your life.
  • Information on a foundational study that addresses the link between childhood trauma and long-term health and social consequences.
  • What we mean when we say that a program or a service is evidence-based.

These resources help make using evidence-based approaches easier by:

  • Linking everyone working to improve social and emotional wellness in our community together with a dynamic learning collaborative and by connecting practitioners with experts
  • Improving our ability to secure program funding
  • Being available to anyone

You may also want to look at this PowerPoint Overview of the HOPE Network.



HOPE Network Video - 30 seconds

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